Magnified Giving Non-Profit Registration [NEW]

Does your NPO have a program that would benefit from a grant of $1000 to $1500?

If so, let the students in our Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program know about
your organization by registering with Magnified Giving. 




Note: You must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield, East Clinton, Lima, Perry or Cleveland areas of Ohio, northern Kentucky, or Indianapolis, Indiana to qualify for a Magnified Giving grant. 

1. Education: Magnified Giving is an educational program for teenagers. Non-Profit Organizations are partners in this educational process as we teach the next generation of philanthropists. By registering with Magnified Giving, you agree to partner with us and are placing your organization within the pool of “Qualified Non-Profits Organizations”. Only agencies in this pool will be eligible to receive invitations to complete Grant Applications from Magnified Giving schools.

2. Grant Applications: From this pool of Qualified NPOs, student participants will invite agencies to complete a Grant Application. We invite you to complete our Grant Application at any time during the school year. Simply visit to apply. The application will request more detailed information about your organization, including financial information and specifics about how you would use the grant money. Your application will be stored in our Grant Application database for all participating schools to see.

3. Multiple Requests: Multiple schools may be interested in learning more about your organization. This is great! However once you complete complete a Grant Application form, you will not need to do it again since the teachers and students will have access to it in our Grant Application database. Please contact us.

4. Modest Grants: Student groups are given $1000 to grant to non-profits, along with the opportunity to do fundraising for an additional $250 matching. This is not a lot of money for the work you may be asked to do and you may not have an interest in such a small grant. Please remember that this is an educational program and that there is more to our program than receiving a financial grant.

5. Communication: Magnified Giving students are young and are still learning how to communicate in a professional manner. Partner agencies are asked to help students learn how to communicate professionally by helping them understand when they have been unprofessional - if you feel comfortable doing this. If you experience communication issues you are unable or unwilling to resolve with the students, please contact us and we will connect with the teacher/moderator of that program.

6. Application Review: Students are learning to review Grant Applications and review basic agency financial information. Quite often they are looking for projects that excite them and that they can wrap their minds around. Please keep this in mind as you indicate how you might use the grant money.

7. Difficult Decisions: Each school program will be contacting multiple agencies and after a lengthy process, students will choose one (or sometimes two) NPOs to receive grants. Student groups often use a multi-step process for determining their grant winner, and sometimes invite "finalists" to come to their school to give a short presentation followed by a group vote. You have the right to ask the students about their process and to determine if you would like to participate. Remember that submitting a grant application doesn’t guarantee that you will receive their grant. image

8. Timeline: Each school operates on their own timeline; some schools implement the entire program during the first semester, others spread it out over the course of the entire school year, while others complete it during a shorter time period. When an agency is invited to complete a Grant Application, schools are instructed to give at least three weeks for NPOs to compete it, but there are sometimes exceptions. If you feel you didn't get enough time to complete the application, feel free let the students and teacher know. (For information on the sequence of events a school, will typically follow click HERE).

9. Grant Checks Written and Presented: Although programs operate on different timelines, all grant checks are presented at our annual Awards Ceremony in late April / early May. A non-profit representative must be present at the ceremony to receive the check from the student group that chose you.

10. Benefits: Although most Grant Applicants will not receive a cash grant any given year, remember that students are be learning to become philanthropists and discovering how difficult decision-making can be. They will also be learning about the work your organization does for the community, and they may choose to pursue volunteer opportunities you offer. They may also choose to work on future projects with your organization, and in past years have actually been inspired to hold their own fundraisers for organizations they love. We know they will also share their experiences and information about your NPO with their classmates, parents, and other adults in their lives. For many organizations, the grant money is just the icing on the cake!

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